Seeing Clearly

Seeing Clearly

Recently I received a wonderful gift. I had surgery to remove a cataract on my right eye. It had completely covered the eye so it was like trying to look through plastic. Everything had a gray blurry cast. Especially at night fall it was difficult to see. My left eye has astigmatism so my vision was really compromised.

The interesting thing is I did not realize how poorly I was seeing until I went to get my drivers license renewed and could not see part of the chart I was suppose to read.

On my way back to the follow up the day after surgery, I realized how much better my vision was now. I could see so clearly I could read without glasses. Colors were unbelievable bright and clear. My surgeon said I now have 20/20 in the left eye.

Sin can become such a part of our life that like my compromised eye, I thought I saw things normally. It took a patient driver’s license tester to help me realize I had a problem. God puts people in our lives to help us realize we need to change. My mother often was that voice for me and I seldom appreciated her pointing out things I did not want to hear. Now for me it is my sister Suzie and my dear friend Sharon.

Listen to those voices we do not want to hear.

To lose sin means our life becomes more joyful and takes on a brightness and clarity.

I am grateful for my surgery last week but more grateful for those God has used to help me see life more clearly, more the way God intends life to be.